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Not Just Anyone Can Be A Titan

What is TitanHouse?

TitanHouse is an invitation-only community for the best business leaders in the world. Within the platform, elite leaders and elite talent seekers come together in a safe and secure environment for the purpose of expanding high-end professional relationships.

Titans earn an invitation to TitanHouse because they have demonstrated superior leadership performance.

Our research team identifies Titans based on specific, proprietary criteria and the fact that they are all proven leaders. They have been the drivers of industry-leading organizations, hired to lead the most successful companies, been trained at the most prestigious businesses and entrusted to lead the most successful high-growth companies in the world.

What are the benefits of being a Titan?

TitanHouse is a reward for all of your hard work and success. As a member of this exclusive community, you have access to these great benefits at no cost:

  • Elite and often-hidden opportunities – Be first at bat for top-tier board seats, advisory roles and executive positions.
  • Control your career – TitanHouse is the only direct pipeline to leading companies, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, who are always looking for great minds to help propel their business.
  • High-end networking – Tap into the brain power of the world’s smartest leaders, your fellow Titans.
  • Build your team – Use TitanHouse to identify and recruit exceptional leaders for your current company.
  • Filter out the noise – Set your TitanHouse preferences so your fellow Titans and the high-end, talent-seeking community know exactly what you are interested in doing.

Titan-exclusive solutions available in the platform

We have built TitanHouse to create a more efficient, transparent and productive environment for elite leaders.

  • Opportunity Engine™ – Our Opportunity Engine is where you’ll find ONLY VP-level and above operating positions, exclusive Board seats and prime Advisory roles, offered by leading companies and PE/VC firms. Connect directly or refer another Titan.
  • Burning Questions™ – As a top executive, your day is filled with tough questions. Questions that require quick, thoughtful and decisive answers. Now you don’t have to rely on just your instincts, knowledge or personal network, you can get advice from North America’s greatest leaders, right from your desktop.
  • Professional Interests– Customize your profile and only receive the types of messages you are interested in.
  • Exclusive – TitanHouse is invitation-only, and includes the top 1% of executives in North America, so you won’t have the noise and distraction of social media platforms.


Congratulations! TitanHouse has the highest standards, and you’re in.

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Like-Minded Community

Network and connect with peers at your level

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Exclusive Opportunities

Set alerts to learn about new opportunities tailored for you

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Content Management

Manage your profile and establish contact parameters

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Privacy and Security

Control who has access to your career preferences

How did I qualify to be a Titan and can I see my profile?

This is something we would love to share with you. To view your Titan profile and find out why you were selected to be a Titan, please fill out the form.

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Received an invitation from us?

If you haven’t logged into TitanHouse yet, or if you need your credentials re-sent to you, . Meanwhile, you will automatically be considered for executive-level opportunities by fully vetted, TitanHouse-approved talent seekers.

Will being a Titan cost me anything?

No, it is completely free for you to be a Titan. We make money by charging TitanHouse-approved talent seekers a subscription-based fee to access the platform.

How much time will I need to spend on the TitanHouse platform?

As much – or as little – as you want! After you register and set your preferences, elite-level opportunities will come to you. If you do have extra time, there are a number of community features designed to help you in your career.