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We are expanding our platform to include client-facing roles such as Sales Leadership, Account Executives, Inside Sales, Client Success, Account Managers and BDR/SDR.

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TitanHouse is the ultimate inner circle.

We narrow millions of executives into the most effective 1% of all corporate leaders.

Eliminate the noise and focus on only the best opportunities and professional relationships.

Finding the perfect leader shouldn’t take half a year. It should take half a minute.

What Titans are Saying

“Analytics are so important when determining the right fit.  TitanHouse is like Moneyball for hiring managers!”

What Talent Seekers are Saying

“I agree, it’s frustrating to work with executive recruiters and it’s about time someone challenged the status quo.”

What Titans are Saying

“I get it…when I receive a message from TitanHouse, I know it’s the real deal.”

What Talent Seekers are Saying

“The data points you apply to a Titan’s profile are meaningful to us and make a big difference when assessing candidates.”

What Titans are Saying

“Social media platforms are great for staying in touch with colleagues, but TitanHouse is where I’ll go when I’m going to take the next step in my career.”

What Talent Seekers are Saying

“Finding the right leaders for our portfolio companies is the single biggest problem our firm is facing.”

What Titans are Saying

“At this stage of my career, I’d like to join a board. Perhaps two if I have time. TitanHouse is the only resource I’ve found that can connect me to elite board opportunities.”

What Talent Seekers are Saying

“This is an incredible platform…I haven’t seen anything like it! I’ve been in the talent industry for 20 years and nothing comes close.”

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This is more than a network. It's a curated community of elite leaders.

As a Titan, you can develop business partnerships, seek advice, capitalize on opportunities and connect with other influential leaders who understand what it’s like to be at the top.

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TitanHouse is turning the executive search industry upside down.

We bring the top 1% of North America’s business leaders within reach. They may be actively looking for an opportunity, or they may be open to learning more.

Titans move the world.
Why settle for anyone else?

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    Only top performers allowed in

    TitanHouse membership is “invitation only.”

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    More than a recruiting tool

    Find leaders and board members. Find expert advisors. Build your network.

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    Specify unique parameters

    Filter for M&A success, minority/veteran status, gender, PE experience and more.

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    Exclusive connections

    TitanHouse is the only meeting place for the top 1% of leaders and the most elite opportunities.

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    TitanHouse transcends your Rolodex

    TitanHouse is not limited to who you know.

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    Safe, secure and discrete

    We protect our Titan's proprietary information.

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