TitanHouse is the ultimate inner circle.

We narrow millions of executives into the most effective 1% of all corporate leaders.

Finding the perfect leader shouldn’t take half a year. It should take half a minute.


Congratulations! TitanHouse has the highest standards, and you’re in.

Here’s what it means.

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This is more than a network. It’s a curated community of the elite.

As a Titan, you can develop business partnerships, seek advice, capitalize on opportunities and connect with influential leaders who understand what it’s like to be at the top.

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TitanHouse is turning the executive recruiting industry upside down.

We bring the top 1% of North America’s business leaders within reach. They may be actively looking for an opportunity, or they may be open to learning more.

Talent Seekers

Are you looking for a guaranteed proven performer?  This is your new search tool.

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Titans move the world.
Why settle for anyone else?

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    Only top performers allowed in

    TitanHouse membership is “invitation only.”

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    More than a recruiting tool

    Find leaders and board members. Find expert advisors. Build your network.

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    Specify unique parameters

    Filter for M&A success, minority/veteran status, gender, PE experience and more.

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    Exclusive connections

    TitanHouse is the only meeting place for the top 1% of leaders and the most elite opportunities.

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    TitanHouse transcends your Rolodex

    TitanHouse is not limited to who you know.

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    Safe, secure and discrete

    We protect our Titan’s proprietary information.